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Lesley Paone is an expert in PrestaShop development and is also a PrestaShop certified developer. He is also one of the global moderators of PrestaShop's e-ecommerce forum, which is one of the largest e-commerce forums on the internet. He is also an SEO relating to e-commerce sites and is very active on the SEO forums for Moz as well.

Installing PrestaShop 1.7 Alpha


Are you excited about the new version of PrestaShop 1.7 that has been announced? It contains a lot of rewritten code, a new theme, and a couple of new features. The down side about it, is there is currently no installer package for it like the previous versions of PrestaShop. So we decided to make a tutorial to show you how to install it on a Digital Ocean droplet so you can test it out. Installing PrestaShop 1.7 Now remember, these instructions are only for the alpha releases, when 1.7 is released it will b e released with an installer like [...]

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PrestaShop Proper CSS Handling


This blog post is a bit different from our normal blog posts. This is a response to a comment, so the techniques used in the article are not really of any value unless you are developing a custom theme from scratch. The comment was based on my previous article on PrestaShop 1.7, specifically I called the way that the CCC is being handled as lazy. Julien Bourdeau responded with this ""This is considered a lazy way and bad programming practice.": Again, I would love to read your source and know what you mean by lazy." This article is going to illustrate [...]

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Moz Rocks


This is a post I really wanted to get out last month, but we had a busier than expected December and time got away from me. As many of you know I am fairly active on the Moz forums. You can find me here actually. Moz has a great forum system where you can ask questions about SEO and start discussions about different practices with other members. Their forum is a real wealth of knowledge for anyone wanting to get into SEO.   One thing that Moz does that is great, is they reward their members for participating in the forums. [...]

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Free PrestaShop SEO Checkup


We are happy to announce that we have started offering SEO packages aimed at PrestaShop sites. We feel our experience with PrestaShop and our experience with SEO will make this a great union. During the month of December we are offering a free SEO checkup for your site. You can use the form below to register for the checkup.   What is the SEO Checkup? The SEO checkup will be a full audit of your site against your competitors site. We will look at your site and also you competitors rankings and see where you currently stand. At the same time [...]

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PrestaShop Slave Databases


Does your site ever get high traffic spikes that start to bring the site down? If so, you might be a good candidate for running a database slave. PrestaShop natively supports running slave databases, using them can take the load off of your main database and improve performance for users on your site. As a note, slave databases are best used with servers that are already taking advantage of other optimizations such as Opcode caching and PrestaShop caching modules.   Setting up a slave The first thing you will need is root access to your server. If you are on a shared [...]

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Increase PrestaShop checkout conversions


Sometimes getting people to your site is not the problem, it might be getting them to finish the checkout process that is the sticking point. We have found this to be the case with several of our clients that target markets with either an older audience or an audience that is not as technical as other audiences. But what do you do to coax people to complete their order? A couple of months ago we were sent a module that replaces the standard PrestaShop checkout with a newer sleek module. The makers PresTeamShop want us to test the module out. We [...]

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Easier PrestaShop Email


One of the hardest aspects of e-commerce is customer service. You have to reply in a timely manner or people get mad, that is just the way it is. These days with social media quickly becoming an outlet for unhappy customers, it makes it even worse. The worst part of it all is to reply to customer service emails with PrestaShop, you have to be logged into the admin panel. It is next to impossible to use the admin panel on a phone or a mobile device. It makes even the simplest task take forever. But, there is a better way. [...]

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