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Lesley Paone is an expert in PrestaShop development and is also a PrestaShop certified developer. He is also one of the global moderators of PrestaShop's e-ecommerce forum, which is one of the largest e-commerce forums on the internet. He is also an SEO relating to e-commerce sites and is very active on the SEO forums for Moz as well.

Better Google Analytics Speed Tracking in PrestaShop


Page speed is becoming a very important aspect of e-commerce now. If your site is too slow for your users, they will abandon your site and do their shopping elsewhere. But how do you measure your page speed reliably? Out of the box PrestaShop's Google Analytics module only measures 5% of your users.   Lets Fix PrestaShop's Google Analytics With only 5% of your visitors being measured your site speed readings can be heavily skewed. This gets even more skewed when you take into account that you might be only measuring one user in a country. To even this out and [...]

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What hosting do we recommend?


We get asked a lot where we recommend clients to host their PrestaShop sites at. As a development company with clients all around the world we have experience with hundreds of hosts, we know all of the ins and outs of most of the popular hosting companies. One thing that is important about this article is that is does not included shared hosting. All shared hosts are pretty much equal and not really suited to host a PrestaShop website in my eyes. PrestaShop takes a good amount of processing power sometimes to work and we have seen a lot of PrestaShop sites [...]

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PrestaShop + Algolia = Awesome


We have released an Algolia module since this post was published. If you could like to check out our Algolia integration you can view it here. Recently a couple of our clients wanted to replace their stock PrestaShop search with a third party search called Algolia. I had really never heard of them but I checked out what they offer. Basically they offload your search to their site and present it to your site in area using AJAX. Seemed pretty cool, I tried out a  few of the demo sites they had listed. I got in contact with them and they already [...]

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Win a 4 Hour PrestaShop Support Package


If you are like most of our clients you might have bugs in your Prestashop installation or things that are not working quite how you want them to. We are giving away a 4 hour support package to help you get your business on the road to becoming successful. Enter below for your chance to win and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway UPDATE: The winner of the support package was Hashir from Qatar, he has been contacted and already set up a support account for when he needs support. 

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PrestaShop Load Testing


We are proud to offer a new service to our clients of load testing your website. Load testing is a great way to establish whether you need to upgrade your server or that your current server can handle your site taking an increased load. The load tests that we generate are different from how other companies set them up, we use real world browsing metrics.   Why Load Test? There are several benefits to load testing your PrestaShop website. Below are some of the mains ones. Find out when you need to upgrade servers Know if your site will go down during [...]

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PrestaShop 2015 Resolutions


With another great year coming to a close I thought it might be helpful to share the insights and some short comings with PrestaShop I have noticed in the last year. […]

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SkyBank PrestaShop Module


I had an interesting experience with a module this week and I think it deserves to be written about. I had a client that was using a gateway called SkyBank, I hadn’t heard of them so I did not think there was a PrestaShop integration for their gateway. […]

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