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Lesley Paone is an expert in PrestaShop development and is also a PrestaShop certified developer. He is also one of the global moderators of PrestaShop's e-ecommerce forum, which is one of the largest e-commerce forums on the internet. He is also an SEO relating to e-commerce sites and is very active on the SEO forums for Moz as well.

thirty bees


You might have noticed I have not been blogging as much lately. Its because we have had our hands full launching a new project. For the last several years we have been discontented with PrestaShop. It hasn't had any new features introduced, just bugs. Then 1.7 has come along, it does not install on most hosts and it is not near stable. So stable that it has made us rethink our business around PrestaShop. We are still going to support PrestaShop and PrestaShop site's, but at the same time we have been developing thirty bees. thirty bees is our answer to [...]

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PrestaShop Security


Is your PrestaShop site secure from hackers? In e-commerce security should be one of your top concerns, because in the end it can cost you everything. Over the last few weeks we have dealt with over 100 security breaches in PrestaShop sites and it does not look like it is slowing down yet. We have seen over 3 dozen sites totally deleted from their servers. We have seen sites that look and act fine, but have backdoors present, we have seen others that have been converted into phishing sites for stealing passwords and credit card information.   Is your site safe? [...]

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How Site Speed Affects Sales, SEO, and Conversions


Get a free PrestaShop basic optimization if you purchase an Essential or above PrestaShop support package! offer ends Friday May 27th at midnight View our support packages Think about it, would you prefer browsing a slow-loading site or a fast-loading site? Most people would definitely prefer a fast-loading site since every second a website loads is time wasted. Customer these days have a short attention span and you have to capture them before their something distracts them. Google realized how important site speed was to its users way back in 2010 when they announced that website speed would be [...]

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PrestaShop Content Protection


Is your PrestaShop website safe from bad bots could be copying your content or trying to hack your site? As your site grows bots can become one of the biggest problems that you face. The bots could be creating fake carts, or just scraping data from your site. This will skew your bounce rate and could possibly change your marketing efforts because the data you are looking at is skewed. While you may have a web application firewall or even an in-house cybersecurity team, new bots would most likely be profiled too late. If not blocked early, these bots might already have [...]

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Backing Up your PrestaShop Site


Every few months we have a client coming to us that is recovering from a major disaster. It could be any number of things that happened, their server crashed, the host lost the data, a developer messed their shop up, or even a hacker compromised their server. The first thing we ask them about is their backups. Most of them do not have backups and we have to start planning to rebuild from scratch. Don't be one of these people, save yourself the worry and hassle; get a backup module for your site. Your PrestaShop website has tons of data that [...]

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PrestaShop PayPal in the UK


If you are in the UK you might have noticed that the latest PrestaShop PayPal Europe module has disabled you module. This is horrible situation, not only because the module no longer works, but why the module no longer works. Why does it not work? If we look in the forum we get a decent response from the community leader Antoine Flavigny on the subject, he says this. But what does this really mean? What is a BN code? Why does the module need one?   About BN Codes If you don't know about BN codes, you are more than likely [...]

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