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Lesley Paone is an expert in PrestaShop development and is also a PrestaShop certified developer. He is also one of the global moderators of PrestaShop's e-ecommerce forum, which is one of the largest e-commerce forums on the internet. He is also an SEO relating to e-commerce sites and is very active on the SEO forums for Moz as well.



Every know and then when we come across a great idea or service we like to share it. That is where peaMonitor comes in. Its a great little, and in most cases free, service to monitor your sites up time. With peaMonitor you can get an alert when your site goes down or becomes unresponsive. All plans even include SMS alert capabilities, something that most other free services do not include.   Features peaMonitor has some industry leading features as well. It can not only monitor if a page responds or not, but it can also monitor the status code that [...]

peaMonitor 2020-09-10T17:32:37-06:00

Flex Layout Module for PrestaShop and thirty bees


If you did not notice in the last week we have made all of our paid modules free. One of the paid modules we have made free is our Flex Layout module. This is one of the modules that I think is under appreciated in our library. I got the idea for this module by shopping on a big US store's website. In seeing the different categories and some of the product pages, I noticed that they were different. Some of the pages had a different layout, especially categories with fewer products in them. This made me want to create something [...]

Flex Layout Module for PrestaShop and thirty bees 2018-08-01T08:44:56-06:00

Is your site secured?


Does your site us SSL on all of its pages? If not the latest version of Google Chrome will display an insecure notice in the toolbar. Displaying this notice will have an effect on the conversions of your site, users wil not think their data is safe, thus not making purchases from your site. So this is a high priority issue for most websites.   Why? Google cares about its users security, for the last several years they have made the push to help webmasters secure their sites. They also helped create and fund an SSL initiative called Let's Encrypt, where [...]

Is your site secured? 2018-07-27T08:55:44-06:00

7 New Free PrestaShop Modules


We are happy to announce that we have added 7 new free modules to our PrestaShop module offering. The modules we added were previously paid modules, but now we have made them available for free for all of our users. Now all the modules we offer are free, making us the largest maker of free modules for PrestaShop. This means most merchants will be able to add new features to their shop and make their shop administration easier. Some of our module like the PrestaShop editor will make it where you can edit files easily, the product notes module allows you [...]

7 New Free PrestaShop Modules 2018-07-22T08:55:52-06:00

More control over your SEO


As we move to take a larger role as an SEO company, we have updated our SEO dashboard so our clients can have more control over their SEO packages on our site. We are very proud of these new features which help make us one of the most transparent SEO companies in the e-commerce market space. Our new dashboard, along with delivering top quality results, will make us a valuable partner in increasing the traffic and sales to your site. How it works When you sign up with a SEO package from us, you will have a new menu item in [...]

More control over your SEO 2018-06-29T10:47:58-06:00

thirty bees


You might have noticed I have not been blogging as much lately. Its because we have had our hands full launching a new project. For the last several years we have been discontented with PrestaShop. It hasn't had any new features introduced, just bugs. Then 1.7 has come along, it does not install on most hosts and it is not near stable. So stable that it has made us rethink our business around PrestaShop. We are still going to support PrestaShop and PrestaShop site's, but at the same time we have been developing thirty bees. thirty bees is our answer to [...]

thirty bees 2018-06-02T12:20:32-06:00

PrestaShop Security


Is your PrestaShop site secure from hackers? In e-commerce security should be one of your top concerns, because in the end it can cost you everything. Over the last few weeks we have dealt with over 100 security breaches in PrestaShop sites and it does not look like it is slowing down yet. We have seen over 3 dozen sites totally deleted from their servers. We have seen sites that look and act fine, but have backdoors present, we have seen others that have been converted into phishing sites for stealing passwords and credit card information.   Is your site safe? [...]

PrestaShop Security 2018-06-02T12:20:34-06:00