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Project Description

A Perfect Dealer came to us needing to transfer their site from a platform that was closing down. Once we transferred the data from their site, we set up the custom template they had designed. We also proceeded to custom develop the backend solutions they need to run their business. Having custom integrated solutions like we developed save many man hours of work each week, while increasing the reliability and accuracy of their shipments to their end customers.

A Perfect Dealer Prestashop website Development

A lot of the custom development we have executed with the A Perfect dealer site is behind the scenes. One of the main development tasks was to create a connection to their industry specific CRM software that needed over 40 points of data per order. Another custom feature we developed for their site is custom attribute filtering. Using the custom filtering, customers will never be able to select a style that is out of stock. In addition both of these, we have also maintained the site with bug fixes and other small feature additions.