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Project Description

We have worked with American Quality Health Product’s site for several years and through several different versions of PrestaShop. When they first came to us they were facing issues with products not working. We inspected the issue and found out the previous company they used to import the products had imported them wrong. We normalized the product catalog by re-importing the products. Then made sure the products had the required information for a customer to want to buy the products. Once we did that we moved on to other aspects of the site.

Excellent company to work with!
Marc F.

We continue to work with AQHP today. We have since upgraded their site to the latest version of PrestaShop. As well as developed several custom modules for them. Most of the modules that we have developed for them center around showing more information about their products to their end customers. Including using a whole custom feature system on the category pages to show attributes about the products they sell.

One major thing their site was lacking was a decent search. relying on PrestaShop’s built in search alone was not working and returning the products for the search queries like they wanted. So we developed a custom connector to Algolia that would use their search service instead of the normal PrestaShop search. Once this was in place their revenue for searched products sky rocketed.

Apart from the custom module development, we have also optimized the server for speed. We have a recipe that we use with PrestaShop for server setups that produce the fastest shops in the industry. Once we optimized the server we then optimized the site with several custom modules we have built to cache results to static files.

AQHP is still an ongoing client through our support program. We are currently working on the site to display more information and make the buying process easier for the end customer. Also fix bugs on demand for them as well.