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Antico Elements came to use in the middle of their upgrade from PrestaShop upgrade process. They were upgrading from Prestashop 1.3 to PrestaShop 1.6. The upgrade process failed, so their upgraded shop was left half working with several issues on both the front and back end of the site. We took inventory of the vast list of issues on their site and started at work fixing them. Eventually when they were all fixed we helped them launch their new version of PrestaShop and increase their sales and SEO presence online.

Antico Elements

When we first started working with the Antico Elements site we realized that the data from using PrestaShop One Click Upgrade was not correct. We had to go into the database and manually rebuild all of the manually, including the whole suppliers and manufacturers area of the database. Once we had the data rebuilt and verified we start fixing issues with the 3rd party programs and integration’s that they used to run the site. Some of them facilitated the custom chat functionality another was a custom integration for adding and removing discounts for multiple products. Once everything was fixed we assisted them in launching their new site on a new server and also moved their email manually from a WebMin server to their current Cpanel server.

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