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Applecart Kids has been a client for a couple of years. We love their fun styling, nice layout, and the cool products they sell. We have worked on various projects over the years with Applecart Kids. One of the first projects we undertook with them was helping to upgrade their 1.4 PrestaShop version to 1.6. They wanted to keep the fun style and layout with their upgrade. So we designed the template to use the same graphics and layout settings throughout the site. The upgrade gave them a mobile theme, which 1.4 was lacking. This not only helped their conversion rate, but also helped with their SEO too. Since mobile usuability is now a ranking factor. It also gave them more flexibility in how the shop operated since the version was more current than the one they were using. PrestaShop 1.6 is lightyears ahead of the features found in PrestaShop 1.4.

Applecart Kids

The upgrade migrations are always tedious because of the way we do them. We do not upgrade the live site and make changes. Especially in an instance like with Applecart Kids, where the theme is custom. We create a development site, that is an upgrade of the live site. Then we make the modifications and test the functionality of the site. Once we have everything tested and working, we import the data from the live site to the development site and make the transition. We executed a near flawless launch in the upgrade for Applecart Kids. Since then we have made minor customizations and changes to the carts functionality. As well as troubleshooting server issues, timeouts related to litespeed, and email issues on the server.

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