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Paul from Deepwoods Ventures came to us a couple of years ago needing some front-end changes and his site optimized. We made the various changes and fixed a few bugs on his site, including an issue with a product review module. Since then we have also fixed other issues on his site and even developed a mobile theme for his site. Deepwoods Ventures uses PrestaShop 1.5, which uses a separate mobile theme. This is bad for SEO in general. So we created modified his current theme to be a custom responsive theme. Now users can enjoy his site no matter the device they use. Increasing his sales and the SEO of the site.

Deepwood Ventures

One of the issues Deepwoods Ventures had when they came to us was with their Paypal module. They were using the Paypal Pro module developed by PrestaShop. In debugging the issue we found that the module had some serious vulnerabilities. We advised them not to use the module and we worked with PrestaShop on reporting the issues to get them fixed. From there we have a long relationship with them. We have fixed various bugs on their site and made other changes. We even developed their mobile site so they could sell to users on mobile devices.

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