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We met Lisa from Maison de Stencils on reddit talking about different ecommerce platforms. Their site was on Goodsie and it just did not have the options that they need with some of their custom products. After talking for a while we switch them over to PrestaShop and they haven’t looked back since. Their business has grown leaps and bounds since we designed their PrestaShop site.

Maison de Stencils

Maison de Stencils has seen huge growth since they first became a client. We have actually be through multiple upgrades and redesigns with them over the years as well. One thing about their site that is not evident to many people is the wholesaling features. The site actually has two different set of products with different payment methods and different shipping options. When a wholesale customer logs into the site, they see a totally different site with different options than a normal user sees. This streamlines their wholesale process by having one site where they can handle all of their online orders.

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