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Project Description

Mind Nutrition is an exciting site that sells exciting, cutting edge products. Over the years we have expanded their site, adding new features and developing different multi-site options. It might not be evident, but their site is run on thirty bees multi-site with 4 different sites. Over the years we have orchestrated several different custom development phases on the site, adding a ton of behind the scenes functionality that is not evident to the general visitor.

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Mind Nutrition has been a client of dh42 for several years. When they first came to us they were expanding into different multi-stores, we helped set the different stores up and also fixed bugs that were present in their modules that affected multi-store. Once we had the bugs fixed we focused on custom feature development for their sites. Some of the features include allowing customers to cancel orders from the front of their site, among other things. Once we started working with thirty bees they were eager to migrate their site to thirty bees for the SEO and speed benefits. Once we migrated their site to thirty bees we noticed an increase in site speed and stability.