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Redwrappings is another one of our long time clients. We started off by doing a speed optimization for them a couple of years ago. This has rolled over into handling all their support requests. We have troubleshot issues such as email, setting up their CDN, and display issues on their site. SEO and speed is one of the most important things to the people at Redwrappings. We have help manage their SEO, fixing problems and issues they have had for the last couple of years. Also we have worked with them on various browser specific bugs that their theme and PrestaShop present at times.


The Redwrappings company is one of our more active clients, they have used several support packages. Since signing up with us we have helped them manage the SEO on their site. We have fixed issues relating to the CDN and how Google indexes the images. We have also transferred their site to a couple different servers over the years as well. To increase the speed of their site, we also changed their DNS hosting as well. This took a nice chunk of time off of loading their DNS records, making the site faster. When Paypal upgraded their API in 2015 we also handled made sure they used the latest module and payments still processed.

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