RV Part Shop

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Project Description

RV Part Shop has been a long time client of dh42, we helped migrate their site to PrestaShop from their old e-commerce system many years ago. This site features an extremely large catalog of products, over 60,000 over 1,000 categories for the products. We have been tasked with not just keeping a site this size fast, but also making custom development modifications with the site as well.

We also migrated the site to thirty bees, because of the speed and stability increases. Migrating to thirty bees also allowed us to add in a full, behind the scenes order management system, that is capable of ordering any products from their suppliers on demand.

RV Part Shop

RV Part Shop is a massive site, which in itself presents issues to keeping it running smoothly. Even with the scale of the site we have custom programmed in features that make using the site more intuitive and provides better reporting capabilities. One such feature is allowing specific attributes to be connected to specific products, this allows for each attribute to have its own list of suppliers and also keep stock between the suppliers.  This is just one of the many modifications we have made to their site to getting it running smoothly and efficiently.