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Just Whisky is one of our more active clients with an interesting business model. They host auctions for vintage whisky bottles monthly. This presents unique a unique set of issues. They spend most of the month with a steady, stable traffic pattern. But once a month the traffic spikes quite high because of the auctions. Having users constantly refresh the pages checking for new bids is a problem unique to auction sites. These problems had to be overcome through optimization of the auction module. We also used New Relic to see where the other load originated from on the site. With New Relic we were able to figure out the fail points of the site and then act. With our optimizations and a solid server set up, the site sheds the load without getting bogged down. The server staying up is a key to their business, every month they experience a “black friday” or “cyber monday” type load. Most sites only have this problem once a year.

Just Whisky

A part from the optimization of the site we also have made extensive front end changes as well. We have restyled the account are to be better suited for mobile devices, as well as for desktop users too. One thing that is not noticed by many people is the array of changes we have made to the invoicing system. Every country has different expectations of what an invoice needs to have on it. PrestaShop does a good job for meeting most places, but not all. The invoices on Just Whisky are custom configured to have the information they need showing. They now display the DHL shipment information as well as information needed for tax purposes. Besides those changes we have also rewritten a the javascript that handles the layered navigation too. It was to resource intensive and cumbersome for what the site need. These changes have produced a site that excels at its purpose and is stable under the auction load.

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