Is your site secured?

///Is your site secured?

Does your site us SSL on all of its pages? If not the latest version of Google Chrome will display an insecure notice in the toolbar. Displaying this notice will have an effect on the conversions of your site, users wil not think their data is safe, thus not making purchases from your site. So this is a high priority issue for most websites.



Google cares about its users security, for the last several years they have made the push to help webmasters secure their sites. They also helped create and fund an SSL initiative called Let’s Encrypt, where users can obtain an SSL certificate for free.  The SSL response from Google and other tech companies was mostly because of government spying and hacking. They wanted all of their users to be safe and for websites to secure user data while it is in transit.  This is eventually part of what the GDPR law is trying to accomplish with its regulations about keeping user data safe.


What does this mean for you?

If your site is not using SSL on every page Google Chrome will show an insecure site notice. This can be detrimental to your sales and will only get worse over time. This is the first step Chrome is taking, soon the next step will be a red notice letting users know the site is insecure. This is why this problem needs to be handled as soon as possible.

Another huge consideration is SEO. If your site does not use a SSL certificate to cover the whole site, then Google penalizes the site in its search engine as well. Before SSL was a ranking factor, now it is more than a ranking factor, it is a penalization factor. This is another reason why it is almost crazy to not have your whole site covered by an ssl certificate.


If you need your site secured, contact us. Some versions of PrestaShop do not support securing your whole site with a SSL certificate. Never fear, we have created work arounds that will allow us to secure most older versions over the whole site with an SSL certificate.


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