Work Preformed

see url Mecca Books is another long time client. They first came to us several years ago because they were having performance issues. After looking into the issue we were able to figure out what was wrong, saving them 10 seconds on their home page loading time. From that point on they have used us exclusively for their PrestaShop support. We have worked on many different issues over the years for them including fixing bugs in the latest version of PrestaShop for them. What started off as a speed optimization has turned into a long client relationship. Where Mecca contacts us any time they need support for PrestaShop.

Mecca Logo Mecca Books was experiencing  long load times on their home page only. They wanted us to check their server build first, everything with their build was fine. We did upgrade the build and installed an Opcode cache, that reduced the issue, but did not fix it. After debugging the SQL queries on the server we found that the issue a bug in a default PrestaShop module. Once we fixed the bug, the site loaded blazingly fast. From there we have provided support for various issues they have had with their site. The support has included custom API integrations, as well as fixing general errors..