Work Preformed

Maxalt without prescription RC Planet came to us with an interesting set of issues. Their site was already developed, but they need it tested. Because of their high traffic they were wanting load testing and Optimization for their site. This was no problem, we do this routinely for our clients. In the testing we found several points of failure, the main one in the beginning was the port on the server. The site was using a 100mbs connection, but the load was overwhelming it. We advised them to upgrade to a 1gbs port so we could continue testing. Once we tested the site, we optimized it and tested again. The the site performed flawlessly after the optimization.

RC Planet

enter site In addition to setting up the server, we also set up a second server to run Prediggo. Prediggo was powering the search on the site. The category pages were powered by a module called Advanced Search 4. We soon found out this module was too taxing on the database. During peak times the database was transferring over 2gbs a minute of data. We then recommended doing something radical with the site. We integrated Algolia for the sites search as phase 1. Then in phase 2, we took out the category functionality completely from Prestashop. We then modified our custom Algolia module to return the category results and use the Algolia filtering as well. This produced an extremely stable site that returns filtered results instantly. From there we have made various design changes to the site, fixed different bugs, and even made a couple of integrations.