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PrestaShop Server Monitoring

Would you know if your PrestaShop site went down in the middle of the night? What if it went down when you were not in your office? With our server monitoring you will be alerted as soon as your server becomes unreachable. This will help you reduce downtime and let you know as soon as there is an outage so you can start to figure out what is wrong, so you can bring your site back online. Sites that are down do not make sales. Why trust you business to chance, be proactive in the monitoring of your website.

Our Network

We have a redundant network of 3 different servers all over the world to maximize our monitoring uptime and to also be able to tell localized connectivity issues from site issues. Our monitoring servers are based in Amsterdam, Singapore, and New York City. We use a dataset that is replicated across all of the servers, so if we lose 1 or 2 servers we can still monitor your sites and provide data until they are replicated to another region or brought back online. Redundancy is the key to our monitoring service.

How it Works

Our monitoring service lets you create notification lists. If you need to monitor more than one site, you can create different list for each site. In the event that a site goes down you will be able to notify different people on a per site level. Also, our service is not just limited to websites, API’s can be monitored as well. Why would you want to monitor an API? In PrestaShop if you are using a live shipping rate API like Fedex, USPS, or UPS and they go down, you cannot take orders on your site. But monitoring their API’s will allow you to know if there is an issue as soon as it happens.

Standard Monitoring

  • 1 Check
  • 5 Minute minimum between checks

Advanced Monitoring

  • 5 Checks
  • 1 Minute minimum between checks

Questions? We have Answers!

You will either get an email alert letting you know when it has gone down, or if you have SMS credits in your account you can get a SMS alert. If you are a support client with us, you can choose to open a support ticket automatically when your site becomes unreachable.
Yes, we keep daily, monthly, and yearly uptime logs for each site.
They are $5 for 50 credits and $10 for 150 credits. You can view the packages here SMS Credits.