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PrestaShop Upgrade

Are you using an older version of Prestashop that needs to be upgraded? We are experts in upgrading Prestashop to the newest stable versions. After upgrading dozens of shops, we have a process that we use to minimize any down time that your shop will experience.  If you have been worried about upgrading Prestashop, let us take the worry out of it for you.


Top reasons to upgrade

  • New versions have security fixes older versions might not have
  • New features
  • Easier to maintain than older version
  • Better sales tools
  • More stable
  • Better mobile support
  • Better statistics
  • More compatible modules

How do we upgrade your shop?

We don’t just use the built-in one click upgrade in Prestashop and call it finished. We create a development version of your site and we perform the upgrade on that site. The reason being is that more than likely either your theme, 3rd party modules, or both are not going to be compatible with the new version. Once we have the development site upgraded; we fix the issues with the theme or develop a new theme for the site. Then we verify that the modules work and upgrade or fix the ones that need upgrading or fixing. This can take several days to over a week depending on how much work is required. Once the shop is tested for functionality and everything is ready to make live, we re-import all of the customer and order data again. The reason for the re-import is because more than likely your shop has taken orders and new customers have registered since the initial upgrade. When all of the current information is added to the shop, we will turn the development shop live. The method we use to upgrade your shop results in virtually know down time.

If you have questions regarding upgrading your Prestashop website, feel free to contact us below and we can can quote you to upgrade your store.

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