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White Label PrestaShop Modules

Do you have a really cool service that will integrate awesomely with PrestaShop, but you do not have the development team that knows the ins and outs of PrestaShop development? That is where we come in. We develop white label modules for SaaS providers, payment gateways, and other cool software that can integrate with PrestaShop. We have extensive experience with PrestaShop and can make your module compatible with versions as far back as you deem fit to offer support for.

How does it work?

When you first contact us, let us know what your service is and how you would like it integrated with PrestaShop. We then will evaluate the service and the type of integration needed and normally give you a quote of a couple of options. One thing we are experts at is extending integration’s in ways that make the modules and services more useful to PrestaShop store owner. For instance, if a competitor offers a similar module, we will evaluate it for short comings. Then we take the information gained from that evaluation and create a proposal for your module that will exceed the usefulness of their module. Having more features and a tighter integration will make your module useful to store owners, increasing the number of PrestaShop store owners that use your module.

What comes next?

Once a deal has been struck, we will start developing the module using all of the latest and most compliant coding standards. When needed we take into account things such as rendering speed of the store, code overhead, and most functional design; while at the same time using PrestaShop module best practices. When we have finished the module, we will deliver a fully functional installable module for testing.  Our modules are routinely accepted by the PrestaShop addons store where they have stringent code standards and testing standards. We will not consider the module finished until you are totally happy with the way that it integrates into PrestaShop.

What is included?

With every module that is developed being different, every custom PrestaShop module has different extended services offered along with it, but below are the ones that are most commonly included with the modules we develop.

White label documentation. 

With every module we create, we create documentation for it in a standard.doc format. You can edit the documentation to add your own style and branding so it can be distributed with your module.

6 months of updates and bug fixes.

PrestaShop has new updates that come out every few months. We ensure that the module that we make for you will work with the new updates and changes to PrestaShop. Also, this includes bug fixes to the module as well, we will do everything to ensure your modules success.

Complete distribution rights.

Most of our custom module clients never actually intend on selling their modules. They use it as an extension of their service to attract more customers and generate more revenue with their service. But some people might want to sell their module, every use case is different. No matter what your plans are, when we turn the module over to you, you have complete rights over the code. Sell it, give it away for free, do what you want with it, without ever having to worry about licensing fees or royalties.

Version compatibility. 

With our long history developing with PrestaShop we know the idiosyncrasies between the different versions. What has been changed, added, taken away, and what might have bugs in it. During the initial consultation we determine which versions of PrestaShop that you require compatibility with and we use the knowledge we have acquired over the years to develop the module based on those versions.

With our PrestaShop white label module service you can extend your reach beyond your current market. You can reach over 300k shops that are currently running PrestaShop and grow your service sales, while at the same time making your integration easier and cheaper for your customers. That begs the question, what is stopping you from integrating with PrestaShop?  If you would like a free consultation and a quote, please fill our form below and will can schedule a meeting.

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