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At dh42 we focus on e-commerce, whether it be support, custom development, or SEO. For over a decade we have worked with e-commerce sites, specializing in PrestaShop, that are in all phases of their journey, all over the world. We understand what can increase your sales, underlying problems you might face, and how to look forward to grow your business. Contact us today to see how together we can grow your e-commerce business, you will not be disappointed.

Our support is our most common service that we offer. With our support packages, you can sign up at any time and have a trusted support provider when an issue arises. We offer several different support packages that have a range of hours included with each package. The packages are not monthly, the hours in the packages last a year. So you can rest assured that when a problem arises, you have someone to solve it quickly and professionally.

E-comerce SEO is more results driven than other types of SEO. It has complexities that other types of SEO do not have, including product schemas that are not available to other types of sites. We specialize in e-commerce SEO, we understand the unique differences that e-commerce face in ranking in search engines. Give our SEO services a try today, you will not be disappointed.

E-commerce development is a big part of what we do here at dh42. When our client's need a new feature to help them grow their business, if there is not a commercially available solution, we develop it from scratch. This gives us the ability to give a customer exactly what they need to grow the sales on their site. If you need custom development, contact us for a quote.

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