E-commerce support, SEO and development

Simply put, e-commerce is different from any other type of websites. The end goal is to sell a user a product or service before they have a chance to get distracted. We have over a decade of experience providing services only to e-commerce companies, we firmly understand what is needed within an e-commerce site to be successful. Using our vast experience we are also able to evaluate your site and find shortcomings you might not even have noticed. These are only so of the qualities that will make us a valuable member of your e-commerce team.

E-commerce Support

The true value of e-commerce support is having someone to call on when there is an immediate issue with your site. Instead of Googling around for random developers, reading reviews, then negotiating pricing, we are here ready to assist. Speed and value are at the heart of our on-demand e-commerce support services. With our easy pricing model, ticket system, and experience, we can have your site operating as normal with a lightening fast turn around. E-commerce support is our specialty, at any given time we are support between 800 - 1200 e-commerce sites around the world. With each being in a different walk of their e-commerce journey, some are just starting out - while others are household names. No site is too big or too small for us to support.

E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is a different SEO than other sites, the world of e-commerce SEO is a lot more difficult, with a lot more rules than normal SEO. Schema’s have to be set up properly, you have to let Google and other search engines know that you are selling products, not just content. It is a different animal indeed. That is where we come in with our over a decade of experience in e-commerce SEO. We will work on your site, both on site and offsite to provide the results you need to grow your business. With our SEO dashboard you will be able to see what is done, when it is done, and what is left to do for the period. While also looking at some of your ranking and metrics. We provide the e-commerce SEO total package.

E-commerce Development

E-commerce development is for when you have outgrown your current systems capabilities, or you are ready for a custom design for your shop. Either the case, we are set up to handle both. If your current e-commerce software package cannot handle your needs, you need us. If you are trying to sync your data with a custom ERP solution with no commercial connectors, we can help. Or maybe you need your site to take payment from a custom, country specific payment gateway. We can do that as well. The imagination is the limit to what we are able to develop. Even if it is just a small change, let us know, and we can get it turned around to keep your business running smoothly.

Load Testing

Are you unsure if your current server can handle an increased traffic load? Load testing might be for you. With our load testing packages, we write custom tests for your site, that mimic your users behavior. When the tests are written, we run them against your server, to find out the exact traffic breaking point of your server. Knowing this number is invaluable in keeping your site up during holiday sales, or new product releases. Let us write a load test for your site, so you can know exactly when you need to upgrade before sale or marketing push.