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We believe that no one company can be good at everything, that is why we have chosen to specialize in PrestaShop development. PrestaShop is one of the most popular e-commerce applications in the world. Over 300,000 e-commerce sites use PrestaShop for their stores, they also have the largest e-commerce forum on the internet with over 800,000 members. With e-commerce security is a big point of consideration as well, you can feel secure using PrestaShop it is one of the safest most secure platforms for e-commerce.


We have been specializing in PrestaShop development for over 6 years, we are one of the oldest PrestaShop development agencies in the United States. We handle clients of all shapes and sizes in just about every country in the World. Having such a large, diverse group of clients we are able to look at your site and recognize issues before they even become an issue. Our clients represent most major markets of e-commerce sites, there is rarely a market we are unfamiliar with. We have taken everything we have learned about e-commerce and PrestaShop, merged them together to build one of the most thorough and complete PrestaShop agencies in the World. We have been recognized as a native module developer for the PrestaShop application.


dh42 has also made it a point to give back to the PrestaShop community as well. We have released over a dozen Free PrestaShop Modules to help shop owners manage their stores more effectively. We have picked up on some of the shortcomings of PrestaShop and extended it in a way that we fee is helpful to the community.  We are also very active on the PrestaShop forum as well, with more than one of us being global moderators and regular posters to the forum. We recognize the value in helping the PrestaShop community to grow and to help solve problems other members in the community are having with their shops. We are not just limited to the PrestaShop community, we also have a firm place in the SEO community as well. We are in the list of top community members on the Moz Seo Forum as well.

Why Choose PrestaShop?

Prestashop is free open source software. The only cost involved is having a host. PrestaShop also has a free cloud version as well that they host for you.
PrestaShop has over 300 features to make running your shop easier. It has just about every feature an e-commerce shop would need built into the core. You can look at your sales or inventory numbers instantly. It features shipping plugins that other platforms charge for, it really has everything you will need for your e-commerce store.
Prestashop has one of the largest e-commerce communities on the internet. If you run into a problem with your shop, you can reach out via the forums and get an answer. This explains why over 300,000 trust PrestaShop for their e-commerce site.
Prestashop is open source. That means if it does not have a feature that you need, it can easily be added. Other platforms like Shopify do not have these capabilities. You are stuck with how the system operates. Not with PrestaShop, anything can be changed or made different.
PrestaShop uses modules to extend the functionality of your shop. There are thousands of paid and free modules that you can use to add features to your shop. Prestashop supports every major payment gateway, every major shipping company, and has thousands of modules that you can use to customize your shop.
Prestashop is one of the most secure platforms on the internet. There has not been a security vulnerability released against the core for over 2 years now. WordPress has multiple a week, Magento has had over a dozen in that amount of time. PrestaShop was designed with security being a huge priority.
PrestaShop is so easy that most of the time you do not need a developer to handle the small things in your shop. You can focus more time on running your shop and not learning how to code. This sets PrestaShop apart from many of the other open source e-commerce packages. They are usually not as polished as PrestaShop and require a developer for the simplest of changes.