What is Reputation Management

Online a business’s reputation means everything. Most customers research businesses before they actually do business with them, your reputation is what shows up when customers research your business. When people Google your company what do they find? Is it bad reviews? Complaints? Scam reports? What ever it is, we can help turn around your online business reputation. No matter how bad things are, we can push out all the negative and get positive information about your business on top.

How our Process Works

The first step in our process is the audit. We search your company and find all the negative sources on the internet we can find, the same ones that potential customers would find. Then we create a custom plan for turning all of those negative sources into positive sources. We could use things like take down requests, responses to the reviews or comments, or even review campaigns. The truth is, every site’s reputation position is different, so there is not a cookie cutter approach to reputation management. We use our SEO skills combined with leverage over existing platforms to create a plan that will work for your company.

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