thirty bees experts

At dh42 we are thirty bees experts, more so than just about any other agency on earth. The owner of dh42 is actually one of the founders of thirty bees, making him very familiar with the code base, limitations, and how to overcome those limitations. This makes dh42 an excellent choice for any thirty bees support needs you might have. You might know our founder from the thirty bees forum and community as Lesley. Or you might have used some of our free PrestaShop and thirty bees modules, what ever brings you here, we are here to help with your e-commerce journey.

thirty bees support

Because of our extensive knowledge at dh42 we are able to provide the best thirty bees support in the industry. Combine that with our huge base of clients, that gives us unmatched experience in solving any bugs or other issues you might have with your site. We have encountered most bugs or issues you might come across before, and can solve them quickly and efficiently. Using our industry leading support system is a breeze, you will be able to track tickets and the time that fixes or changes take easily from your dashboard.

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thirty bees SEO

Are you looking for SEO for your thirty bees site, but hesitant in who to trust? We understand that feeling, that is why we have developed easy to understand SEO packages, that give all of our client’s dashboards where they can track their site’s SEO progress while also tracking the monthly tasks preformed on your site. This way allows us to easily show the changes that were made, the current progress, and the current rankings of your site.

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thirty bees custom development

Have you out grown the native ability of thirty bees? Maybe you are looking for a custom module developed for thirty bees or you need an api connected to thirty bees. Both of these are fairly common tasks around dh42. We frequently develop custom thirty bees modules, some of our modules even ship with the thirty bees platform. We also offer an unmatched ability to connect thirty bees with different API’s. Whether they are shipping API’s, payment gateways, stock management, or anything in between; we have you covered.

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