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At dh42 we are e-commerce experts, and we bring our expertise over to WooCommerce. Our company started working with Wordpress in 2009, and by extension, started working with WooCommerce shortly after it was released in 2011. We have seen the software grow through many versions, to land at what is the current stable version. In that time we have made many different plugins to extend the ability of WooCommerce. We are also well versed in the security aspects of running a WooCommerce site and how to protect it from hackers. Our team of well-rounded developers can handle your website’s needs from start to finish.

WooCommerce support

Since our company has worked with WooCommerce from the beginning, we can provide a level of support that other agencies cannot manage. Our extensive knowledge around WooCommerce makes dh42 an exceptional choice to support your WooCommerce site. Our team is unmatched in solving bugs, adding features, fixing issues, and ensuring that your WooCommerce site is working as efficiently as possible. Since we provide on-demand support, we are always around whenever you have an issue, all you need to do is submit a ticket and let our team handle the problem.

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Woocommerce SEO for E-commerce

Are you looking for SEO for your WooCommerce site, but hesitant in who to trust? We understand that feeling, that is why we have developed easy to understand SEO packages, that give all of our client’s dashboards where they can track their site’s SEO progress while also tracking the monthly tasks preformed for your site. This way allows us to easily show the changes that were made, the current progress, and the current rankings of your site.

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WooCommerce Load Testing

Is your server starting to strain under your WooCommerce site? Or maybe you are expecting a big influx of traffic to your server. No matter the reason, we offer load testing services. Load testing your WooCommerce site will let you know at what point to expect a server failure. As a business owner, there is nothing more frustrating than a big sale taking your site offline. Not only do you lose money, you lose credibility in the eyes of your buyers. Do not be caught off guard, try one of our load testing services today.

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