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Every few months we have a client coming to us that is recovering from a major disaster. It could be any number of things that happened, their server crashed, the host lost the data, a developer messed their shop up, or even a hacker compromised their server. The first thing we ask them about is their backups. Most of them do not have backups and we have to start planning to rebuild from scratch. Don’t be one of these people, save yourself the worry and hassle; get a backup module for your site.

Your PrestaShop website has tons of data that is crucial to running your business. Hackers would do anything to use this data for their benefit and for your loss — which could potentially ruin your business completely. That’s why your web store’s data should be secured and stored in a safe backup.

As a business owner, nothing would scare you more than losing your precious data or having unauthorized logins. Though your PrestaShop may be secure by following some website security best practices, there’s no such thing as a perfect, unbreakable system — trust us.

But how do you protect your online business from hackers, malicious third-party applications, hardware malfunction, and such? The only solution to safeguard the data on your PrestaShop website is to purchase a module that would automatically back up your website’s data!

Reasons Why You Should Back Up Your PrestaShop Website

Still not convinced that you need a PrestaShop module to automatically back up your data? We couldn’t blame you most people don’t believe in data security until they experience a data breach themselves.

Below are reasons why backing up your PrestaShop website is a good idea:

Your Hosting Provider May Have Vulnerabilities

Even though security updates regularly solve some vulnerabilities, it doesn’t guarantee the safety of your data. Your hosting provider or one of your modules may have vulnerabilities that would make an attack by hackers or malicious third-party applications possible. New exploits for web servers come out daily and we have seen more than one plugin that has vulnerabilities in it.

You Cannot Risk Data That’s Crucial to Your Business

The data on your PrestaShop website might be more valuable than you think. Data that you can potentially lose may include:

  • Contact information of clients
  • Customer service messages
  • Product information
  • Sales records
  • MySQL databases
  • Content that costs time and money

There may also be other data that are at risk and losing any or all of these would definitely put your business in a harsh position.

Hardware Malfunction Can Also Lead to Data Loss

Hackers and malicious third-party applications are not the only reasons for data loss. Hardware malfunction can lead to a data loss too. This would usually be caused by a massive hardware malfunction on servers where your data is held.

Your Employees May Accidentally Delete Your Data

Not everyone’s good at technical operations when accessing your PrestaShop website. Believe it or not, there’s also that possibility that someone from your company may accidentally delete important data from your PrestaShop website.

How You Can Effectively Back Up And Protect Your Data

Lucky for you, there’s a way to protect your online store in case of a server crash, data breach, or human error. There is a solution we recommend to our clients over and over again. It is tested, safe, and secure. It can provide you with emailed backups and off site backup stored in the cloud as well.

So, what’s the solution? A PrestaShop module that automatically backs up your PrestaShop data as frequently as you need it to. Here’s the module that you need to protect your website:

Automatic PrestaShop Backup V1.2.1

The Automatic PrestaShop Backup V1.2.1 module has saved countless online businesses from data loss for over 3 years. Everything is automatic and user-friendly; you can also get your PrestaShop website back online as quickly as possible. This module is made by one of the most popular PrestaShop module development companies Presto-Changeo, so you can rest assured that the module is the highest quality possible.

Here are some of the features of this module:

  • Completely backs up your PrestaShop website
  • Quick and easy restoration in only a few minutes
  • Allows saving backup files on your server, get a copy through email, or store backup on Amazon S3 Cloud server (Free up to 5GB for the first year)
  • Options to create a backup for the entire file system or only certain folders
  • Options to create a compressed or uncompressed backup
  • Easy scheduling of automatic backups

The module has an easy to use interface that will walk you through everything you need to do to get the module setup and running. The scheduling of the backups is easy as well, the module will create the cron for you to paste into your cpanel server or it also gives instructions on how to install the cron via command line.

PrestaShop Backup


Don’t trust your host with your backups, you really need a solution to handle them. If you look in the terms of service for most hosting companies they say that they are not responsible for the backups. That is something to consider especially with all of the time and money you have put into your shop. The module is only $70, that is a steal when you compare it to rebuilding your shop from scratch.

View the PrestaShop Automatic Backup Module

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