We have all heard that using CDNs like Cloudflare will speed up your site, but will they really? I put Cloudflare to the test to see if the claims of a faster site are accurate, or if they are just marketing talk to sell CDN services.


Cloudflare setup

  • Free account
  • Medium security
  • CDN + Full Optimizations
  • Aggressive caching
  • Auto minify on
  • Rocket loader set to automatic


Server Setup


Website software tested


Testing Tools

  • Pingdom Tools
  • GTmetrix
  • Nuestar Website Testing Tool (this one was used differently than the others, I will explain later)


All of the website / cms packages are stock installations, they do not have any themes or modules installed on them, other than what comes out of the box. I did not even log into the admin areas of them. The only deviation to this method was using the Neustar test. That test does not support sub directories, so it was ran on wordpress site with a theme on it that is optimized, this site. The tests run not using Cloudflare were also not using the Cloudflare name servers, they were using the hosting companies name servers.  All of the tests were run 3 times and the numbers shown are the average of those 3 testings.