Automate your E-commerce Site

Are there tasks you run daily with your e-commerce site? Did you know a lot of those tasks can be automated to save you time from having to do them each day. If you do daily tasks like exporting orders, importing new inventory quantity, or updating pricing; those tasks can be automated. Depending on your needs, most tasks can be automated quickly, freeing up your time to work on other areas in your business.

Why Automate?

The amount of time in a day is limited, so automating the tasks on your site makes sense, so that you can spend more time working on tasks that cannot be automated. Finding these relatively easy tasks and automating them is a great way to grow your business without growing your payroll expenses. We have successfully automated some sites to the point where a reduction in staff was needed, taking that money and re-investing it back into marketing is a great way to expand your business.

Some tasks we have automated

  • Importing of products
  • Importing of pricing
  • Inventory updates
  • Moving customers to CRM platforms daily

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