Cleaning up the Hack

The end goal when your website is hacked, is to have it cleaned up. To clean up the hack we will thoroughly scan your website for changes, malicious files, back doors, and other viruses, then we will get them all cleaned off of the server. Getting your site back up and operating correctly in no time at all.

Patching your Site

Patching your site is the most important step in the hack clean up process. Some company’s only clean the hack and do not patch the website, this is virtually useless. If your website has been hacked, attackers have found a vulnerable spot on your website they are exploiting. We pour through your logs to figure out where the attackers got into your website, once we locate the vulnerability we patch it to prevent the hackers getting in again. This extra step makes it where your site not likely to get hacked again, keeping you and your users information safe.