What is Local SEO

Local SEO is focused SEO for small localized businesses. Think about service industry businesses like carpenters, painters, or even HVAC repair. With our local SEO packages we can rank your business higher, which in turn leads to more calls, sales, and revenue for your business.

Start Early

Good SEO does not happen overnight, it takes months to build up enough traction to make it to the higher places in search engines. That is why it is best to start your SEO campaign early, while the economy is good. Once the economy takes a down turn, it becomes much harder to rank a local business, because every one of your competitors is now doing the same thing. That is why it is best to get a head start on things and rank your business first, before it is too late.

Our Local SEO Process

The very first step in our process is we create listings, listings where your customers search. There are hundreds, and even thousands of localized sites where your customers or potential customers could be looking for company’s in your service area. We focus on those sites first because of the value, then we branch out to creating backlinks to your site from regional and even national sites. This method creates the best SEO link profile for your site, and drives the most traffic over time.

After this we start building no citation backlinks to your site, including blog posts and contextual links. This builds on the already strong link profile for your site and allows it to rise about your competition in the search engine results pages.

SEO Packages

Customizable SEO Packages

With our build your own SEO package you can help control the direction of your website's SEO. We offer options where you can configure the package to fit your company's needs. You are able to decide exactly where we put in the work, how much work, and what area we focus on.

This way of managing SEO services gives you the ultimate control over your 's SEO. It also allows you to pay for exactly what you want and not pay for services your site does not need. We think you will love our SEO Package builder.

Every SEO package comes with our SEO dashboard, where you can check your site's ranking at a glance, see what projects have been complete, which ones are still being worked on, and the deliverables for each project. Making our dashboard one of your most valuable SEO resources.

Build Your Own SEO Package

From $150 p/m

Keywords Tracked: Up to 100
Keywords Optimized: Up to 50
Backlinks per Month: Up to 100
Local Citations per Month: Up to 24
Reviews per Month: Up to 8
Press Releases per Month: Up to 4
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Starter SEO Package

$150 p/m

Keywords Tracked: 10
Keywords Optimized: 5
Backlinks per Month: 5
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Basic SEO Package

$370 p/m

Keywords Tracked: 20
Keywords Optimized: 15
Backlinks per Month: 10
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Advanced SEO Package

$690 p/m

Keywords Tracked: 50
Keywords Optimized: 30
Backlinks per Month: 20
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Elite SEO Package

$1210 p/m

Keywords Tracked: 100
Keywords Optimized: 50
Backlinks per Month: 50
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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the plans are monthly. You will automatically billed for your plan every month. You can cancel at anytime. If you forget to cancel and are billed, you have 2 days to notify us and we will refund the payment and cancel future billing.
Currently we only accept sites that are target towards English speaking audiences, anywhere in the world. We believe it is best for us to work in a language we know and speak fluently.
We can target any country in the world, using english as the language.
The client dashboard is a secure login area where you can see the daily ranking of your site in the targeted search engines and a wealth of other information. Once you sign up we have to manually set up the dashboard based on your site, so it might take a day or two for it to be populated.
Our client dashboard area actually handles most of that. It will give you daily ranking reports and show how your site is compared to your competition. It will also let you see the new links that have been added for your campaign as well.