PrestaShop Knowledge Base

Hey Everybody! In case you didn’t know we have made a super awesome knowledge base for users using PrestaShop. We have put together some tips and tricks for all aspects of managing your business and your shopping cart. We have tips ranging from how to debug PrestaShop errors to how you manage your server.


Why a PrestaShop Knowledge Base?

The reason is simple. The knowledge base articles are short and sweet. They get to the point and answer common questions on what users are looking for. But also being this way, it is a double edge sword. We thought about clouding our blog with these articles, but in the end we felt like people would be dissatisfied with our blog if we had a bunch of small articles. We like to reserve our blog for the more lengthy writing we do that might cover a broad range of topics. Where as at the our knowledge base will focus on very short tips that will answer questions quickly.


View our Super Awesome PrestaShop Knowledge Base


Some of the topics that we go over in our knowledge base are:

If there are any topics you would like covered we would be glad to cover them, just shoot use an email and ask. We hope you like our knowledge base and help it to grow to be one of the best PrestaShop resources on the internet.

About the Author: Lesley Paone

Lesley has worked in e-commerce for over a decade, and is the founder of dh42. Starting out with PrestaShop and brancing out into other platforms like Shopify. He loves all things e-commerce and loves a challenge, in his spare time he helps moderate several forums on SEO, e-commerce, as well as the PrestaShop forum. If you have any questions for him about any of his articles just use our contact form to contact him.