If you are not currently using Kiss Metrics, you should be. It is excellent for tracking customer interactions on your PrestaShop website. With Kiss Metrics you can associate page views, carts, and all browsing history with each client. You can know what John Smith has been looking at to better target advertising to him.

The Module

The module allows you to easily install the Kiss Metrics tracking snippet to your PrestaShop website. Once you have the module installed, it will look like the image below.

Kiss Metrics PrestaShop

When you click configure on the module the configuration page will open and look like the image below. You can past the tracking snippet that Kiss Metrics gives you in the box. Then you can start enjoying the excellent analytics that Kiss Metrics has to offer.

Kiss Metrics Configuration

Download Module

This module will allow to install the KISS Metrics tracking code on either your thirty bees or PrestaShop website

PrestaShop 1.5-1.6
thirty bees all versions

To install this module, simply upload the module from the modules page in the back office of your PrestaShop or thirty bees installation. Once it is uploaded you will be able to install and configure the module.

We can only offer minimal support for our free modules. You are welcome to contact our support team at the link below if you run into any bugs with the module.

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