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PrestaShop Speed Optimized Facebook Module

This Facebook module replaces the standard Facebook module that comes with PrestaShop. But it has been optimized for speed. In the module that ships with PrestaShop, you will get warnings from Google PageSpeed about the scripts not being compressed and the amount of Javascript that is loaded. This module will solve this problem and help to raise your PageSpeed score.

Your Google PageSpeed score directly affects SEO currently. Google uses PageSpeed as a ranking factor and it is believed they will rely on it more heavily in the future as well since more and more users are using mobile devices. This module will solve the issue of uncompressed and blocking scripts to help raise your site’s score.

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This module was a previously paid module. The module does not come with support.


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In our tests with the default PrestaShop theme, changing out the standard facebook module that comes with PrestaShop with our module produced a 3 point increase in the PageSpeed score.

Before installing our module.

Before Optimized Facebook Module

After installing our module.

PrestaShop Facebook Module After


    • 1.0.xPrestaShop versions
      • 1.5.x
      • 1.6.x
      • Multi-Shop
      • Multiple Languages

      thirty bees versions

    • 1.0.x
    • Multi-shop
    • Multiple Languages
thirty bees compatible

Version History

  • Version 1.4.0 Released: 3/28/2016