Simply put Algolia is the fastest search option for PrestaShop. Algolia excels with large catalogs to give your site performance like you never imagined possible. Our Algolia module is a full featured module based on the paid Algolia search service with many options so you can custom tailor your search and provide users the results they want.

This module has extensive features where you can customize exactly how the search works on your site. You can change the rank methods, pick which facets to use, choose how the facets work, and even create custom search landing pages. If you have a large catalog of products on your site, this is the module you need powering your catalog, categories, and search. The front end benefits will pay for the module.


PrestaShop Algolia Module Features

Blazing Speed We can try to explain to you how fast this is, but for the best example please try one of the demos below.

Search any Product Information Our Algolia module will allow you to index every piece of product information for your search. You can index feature values, attributes, reference numbers, just about anything. Then you can set the search rankings by any order you want.

Custom Ranking Configuration With our custom ranking configuration, you can rank products by just about any option in PrestaShop. We have also added internal statistics to our module as well. So you can also rank search by total sales of a product or total pageviews of a product as well.

Instant Search When the instant search is enabled as soon as the first letter in a search is typed products start showing up on the page. Users can be on the homepage, a product page, a category, it does not matter. Results are given to them in milliseconds.

Handles Extremely Large Catalogs PrestaShop slows down with large catalogs. The internal search in PrestaShop comes to a crawl when there are a lot of products to be searched through. This module was developed with large catalogs in mind, it will return results in milliseconds from shops with over 100k products.

CDN Integration If you are using a CDN on your site, no problem. This module works with a CDN out of the box, so you can keep enjoying the speed of your CDN.

Search Landing Pages With the Search Landing Page feature you can create your own pages that are based off of searches. This is great for linking results and also excellent for SEO too. Our landing pages enable you to write custom metadata with each page to ensure they will get indexed in the search engines.

Categories as Search Pages What this feature does is it takes all of the category and product rendering out of PrestaShop. If you have a large catalog and categories with a lot of Products in them, this is for you. It will speed up your category pages to lighting fast. Plus you can use Algolia’s facets which are quicker and stronger than the Layered Navigation in PrestaShop.

Built in Cron for Indexing If your stock, products, or prices change frequently this is a great feature. You can set a CRON job up to re-index your product data as often as you like so you do not have to worry with it manually.

Reduces Server Load and Site Load Times Since Algolia’s server will be handling all of the searches and categories if it is enabled, your server will see no load from them. This feature has tripled the load handling on some of our clients servers, not to mention pages are served at lighting fast speed.

Template Integrations Since Algolia will replace you search page results, the looks might change a little. We have created templates for the default bootstrap theme, Warehouse, and Transformer. Your search will blend into your site and match perfectly.

Increases Conversions If you have a large catalog it can be cumbersome for customers to search through it. Algolia will speed up your searches and provide a better, more relevant index to the products on your site. Your customers will find exactly what they need.

PrestaShop Version Compatibility

  • –
  • This module is multi-shop compatible.
  • This module does not work with multiple languages.
  • You have to have a paid Algolia account to use this module.
  • If your theme is not the default bootstrap theme, Warehouse, or Transformer theme, it might require customization.
  • Front end customization is not included with this module, but we can give you a quote on modifying the front end however you like.
  • This module is not compatible with the PrestaShop cloud.
  • The reason the front end has to be modified for some themes is that Algolia uses a different templating system than PrestaShop uses. This modules use Hogan.js to template with, while PrestaShop uses Smarty as its templating language. This is why we have developed the module with the most popular templates already bundled with it, we will have more to come in the future as well.


PrestaShop Algolia Configuration

PrestaShop Algolia Facets

Algolia Searchable Configuration

Algolia Ranking Configuration

Algolia Sorting Configuration

Algolia Landing Pages

Download Module

Algolia is one of the world's fastest search engines, now you can use it with your PrestaShop site

PrestaShop 1.6
thirty bees all versions

To install this module, simply upload the module from the modules page in the back office of your PrestaShop or thirty bees installation. Once it is uploaded you will be able to install and configure the module.

We can only offer minimal support for our free modules. You are welcome to contact our support team at the link below if you run into any bugs with the module.

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