Why Load Test your PrestaShop Site?

Load testing is the best way to determine if your site will be knocked offline by a rapid influx of customers. If you are planning to launch new products, advertising campaigns, or social media campaigns that could generate a lot of traffic; you need to load test your site. There is no feeling worse than seeing your server lock up during a new product launch or sale.

How we load test PrestaShop

We start by looking at the site, asking questions about where your traffic normally originates from. How users typically browse around your site. Then we try to establish how many users you might be expecting, if you are testing for marketing purposes. If not, we can just find out how many users your site can accommodate before the server becomes unresponsive.

Once we find out this information, we write a test specific to your site. The test is more complex than just how many users can land on the homepage and fall off. We simulate users browsing patterns, going from page to page. With some users starting on the homepage, some starting on category pages, some starting on product pages. Some-of-the users will be adding to the cart. Others will be searching, some will be logging in or creating accounts. The tests are quite complex, because different parts of your website use different resource sets. They all need to be tested to give a complete picture of how much stress your site can take.

Once we have the test written, we can start testing. We will schedule a time with you to best test, and we will run the tests to see exactly how many users your site can handle. Our tests not only show how many users your site can accommodate at a given time, they also show when frustration becomes a factor. Once requests get over a point, even if the server remains up, people can get frustrated and bounce off of your site. This is as important, if not more important than how many users your site can handle at once.

PrestaShop Load Testing

Build Your Load Test

With our build your own load test, you can now dial in exactly the kind of test that you need for your PrestaShop site. You can pick up to 20,000 concurrent users to test with and up to 20 different testing profiles to run the test with. Giving you the ultimate flexibility.

If your site is regional, you can have the test only using regional servers, but if you have a global site we can use servers from all around the world to test your site. This allows us to tune the test to be just like real world traffic.

If your PrestaShop site is not live yet, no problem. We can still test on your development environment using host files, so your site can be 100% tested before it enters production.

Build Your Own Load Test

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Concurrent Users: Up to 20,000
Load Test Locations: Up to 8
User Profiles: Up to 20
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PrestaShop Standard Load Test


Up to 1000 concurrent users
Testing Locations: 2
User Profiles: 5
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PrestaShop Large Load Test


Up to 5000 concurrent users
Testing Locations: 4
User Profiles: 10
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Load Testing Frequently Asked Questions

No, the loading testing is a one time service.
No, we average 3-6 tests for each site. We load test with the caching turned off and with the caching turned on. We monitor the tests for anything unusual, but in all we normally run 3-6 tests to get arrive at a solid number of users that it will take to knock your site offline.
Yes, your website needs to be hosted on a dedicated server, a VPS account, or a Cloud VPS server. We cannot load test shared hosting servers unfortunately.
User profiles are the individual users that are used during the test. Sending all users to one page is very misleading and produces poor results. So we create user profiles to act like natural users browsing your site. One of the profiles might land on a page, then leave. Another might land on the same page, add the product to their cart, then start the checkout process. Another might enter through the homepage and search for a product, find it in the search, then add it to the cart. Another might be browsing through the categories on your site. These are natural user actions, creating browsing profiles like this produce the best most reliable results.
Using multiple locations allows for more of a real world testing result. If we created the load from one location that is physically close to your server, then the transmission times for the data would be low. In reality with internet latency connections from different areas will connect for different lengths of time to your site and affect the load itself.
Typically we do them during slow times on your site. They are something we schedule with you, so we cause as little disruption as possible. If late at night sunday night is your slow time, no problem, we can run the test at that time.
We are based out of Nashville Tennessee in the United States. But we have employees all over the world, namely the UK, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and Japan. We do not use Indian contractors for our development work.