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PrestaShop Load Testing

Do you know how much traffic your PrestaShop site can handle before it crashes? Are you planning a sale and wondering if your site can hold up under the traffic? Is a big shopping day coming up and you want to make sure everything goes off flawlessly? We can help! We can load test your site and establish how much traffic your site can handle on its current hosting set up. This will let you know if you need to upgrade servers soon or if your current server can handle the traffic you are wanting.

How We Do It

To load test your website we will use a service called Load Impact to generate the load to your website. With our standard load testing we can generate between 50 and 1000 users on your website. What makes our service different from other companies is that we create user scenarios that are unique to your site. We do not simply have that many users going to your site’s home page. We have them browsing around product pages, going to category pages, adding products to the cart, and even going to the checkout process. This makes our tests more real world than our competitors. Also we can generate the load from regions around the world instead of just having one location where all of the traffic and testing is done from. We can also use this to localize the traffic to your site. An example would be that if your site is located and only does business in Singapore, what good is it having the load generated from the US? We will generate the load from Singapore so that you can establish better metrics for your site without having to worry about international network speed issues.

 How You Benefit

The major benefit to load testing is knowing how much traffic your server can handle. Most of our clients use our PrestaShop load testing to establish a baseline for their site. For instance say right now your site gets traffic spikes where 75 users are on the site at once, but you want to know how much more traffic your site can handle before you have to upgrade servers. This is a major instance in which you would want to load test. If our testing reveals that your site can handle 700 users at once, then you will know that you have a while before you need to upgrade your hosting account and you can use the money for other areas in your business. But if our tests reveal that your server starts to choke around 100 users we can develop a plan on either upgrading the server or trying to optimize your website on the current server to see if the load handling can be increased. Load testing is considered preventive maintenance because we find the problem before it is an issue so a plan can be made.

 What The Test Includes

All of our tests include a report of the traffic generated that looks like this report. We can test your site with up to 5 user scenarios using up to 5 different traffic regions. Also the tests are limited to up to 1000 concurrent users on your site at one time. We will develop custom user scenarios for your site, or you can give us an idea of what you want the scenarios to be. Also at the end of the test we will give our recommendations on what can be done to your site or server to increase the load handling of your site.

Load Test Your Site!


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