Have your needs outgrown the limited functionality that Shopify offers? If so you might need a custom app developed to help you achieve your goals.

Our Experience

Our team has been working with Shopify for years and the underlying languages used to make apps that communicate with Shopify. No matter what your needs are, we can service them. One of our major areas of expertise includes being able to extract data from Shopify to import into another system; be it an order management system, a customer retention system, or just an in-house system that your company uses.

How we work

We listen to your needs, and we combine your needs with our experience in development. Because of our vast experience we are able to see issues before they arise, or what roadblocks we might run into developing an app the way you want. At the same time we can also advise for features that could be added at little cost, but would increase the value of the app for your company. Because we are an agile development agency, that gives us quick turn around to be able to put your app into production as soon as possible.

Some examples of Shopify custom app development we have launched in the past:

  • Custom API interfaces for importing / exporting data from your shop
  • Custom banner apps for timed banners and product stickers
  • Custom theme development
  • Custom behavior on checkout pages, like contests, or tracking