Have your needs out-grown the features of BigCommerce? We can develop a custom app that can bridge that gap.

Our Experience

Over the almost decade we have been working with PrestaShop, we have developed hundreds of private custom modules to use with various versions of PrestaShop. Some of this can be understood from our extensive library of free PrestaShop modules, we understand how the platform all works together. We understand what can be accomplished with it, what cannot be, and the limitations around specific features in the core.

How We Work

More than anything we listen to your needs. Then we combine what your needs are with our experience and come up with a plan. Because of our vast experience with PrestaShop, we have more than likely solved the problem you are facing before. This also gives use the ability to rapidly develop solutions, and implement them with a quick turn around. Depending on your needs, we could also offer various other means of accomplishing what you want, which could possibly save either time or money. This is why our expertise matters, we use it to best serve companies like yours.

Some examples of custom development projects that we have launched in the past:

  • Custom site searches
  • Custom module development
  • Custom API interfacing (product / order importers / exporters)
  • Custom payment gateway integration
  • Custom theme development

These are only a small fraction of what we have handled over the last 10 years with PrestaShop. Reach out to us today with your custom development needs!