BigCommerce Support

Are there things about your BigCommerce site you want changed? Or maybe you or another developer have broken something that needs fixing. These scenarios are perfect for our BigCommerce support packages. We are on call for when you run into an issue with your site that needs quick attention. Whether you are needing a new theme installed and configured, a theme upgraded, or new functionality added to a theme, our team of developers can handle it. Let our US based team of developers provide the BigCommerce Support your company needs. We will keep your shop operational and running flawlessly all year.

How our BigCommerce support works

We offer a wide variety of plans; our lowest level plan features 2 hours of support. The hours in all of our plans are valid for one year from the purchase date or until you use all the included hours. Unlike other companies, our plans do not limit how many hours or incidences you can use in a month. By purchasing your support plan before you need it, you can rest assured that you have our developers on call when an issue arises. We typically have most support requests closed within the first 6 hours. Unlike our competitors, our ticket system allows you to submit tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We support all types of BigCommerce sites as well. Our developers have worked with BigCommerce for years; we are familiar with what can be accomplished with the platform and its limitations.

BigCommerce support packages include:

  • Fix Theme Bugs
  • Install a new theme
  • Upgrade your current theme
  • Enhance the performance of your BigCommerce site
  • Install and test BigCommerce Apps
  • Develop custom BigCommerce Apps
  • Audit your Bigcommerce store’s SEO
  • Change BigCommerce theme functionality
  • Redesign parts of your BigCommerce site
  • Plus more



2 hours of support
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4 hours of support
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10 hours of support
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20 hours of support
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our plans are not monthly. You purchase the a time block and you have up to one year to use the time. We have many clients that purchase time blocks and do not use them right away, they keep them just in case an issue comes up with their shop.
We respond to most requests within 2 hours. Most of the times with our response is letting the client know that the issue is fixed. Some issues do take longer to fix than that, especially custom work, so we cannot guarantee that your issue will be solved that quickly.
When you run out of time and email will be sent to you. You can then purchase more time to top up your account at a discounted price.
We bill our time against the time in your account in 6 minute increments. We do not have a minimum charge like most companies, if a task takes 12 minutes, we bill for 12 minutes, not a half hour.
In your account you can track the used time and unused time on your time page. You can see the time per task and the time remaining in your account. account time
The time in your account expires one year after purchase. So you can purchase time today and have a safety net when you need it.
We are based out of Nashville Tennessee in the United States. But we have employees all over the world, namely the UK, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and Japan. We do not use Indian contractors for our development work.