Configuring Server Monitoring

How to configure your server Monitoring

After you sign up for server monitoring you can configure the monitoring in your account. When you log into your account, click Server Monitoring from the menu and then click notification list.

Setting up server monitoring

One you are in the notification area, you will need to set up a notification list. You can assign a list to each different check you use. So if you want different people to be notified if different sites go down you can do this easily. 

Server notification list

After you have created your notification list, you will need to add contacts to it. Click Add Alert Contact from the left menu and add your first contact, then click save.

Server Alert Contact

Once you have add a contact, you will need to go back to your Notification List and add the contact to that list. 

Add to notification list

Now you can start setting up your server Check, click on the Add Check link in the left menu. From here you can configure your server monitoring. Fill in your site information here and give the check a name. You can also choose to open a support ticket with us in the event of your server going down. If you have support with us, you should enable that so we can actively be alerted to your server problems and fix them. 

Add server check

Once you press save your server monitoring will be set up. You can view your monitoring statistics by going to your Checks area and viewing the Check Stats

View checks

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