thirty bees custom development

Do you need custom development for your thirty bees shop? Maybe you need a custom module written, or a module modified to better suit your purpose. You might even need the core modified, because it does not act how you want. This is no problem for us at dh42. We wrote and maintained the official thirty bees package for years. We created thirty bees from a fork of PrestaShop with an idea to make e-commerce easier, more accessible, with less tracking. So we know thirty bees better than any other development agency on the planet. This is what makes us the number one choice for your custom development with thirty bees.

thirty bees modules

Are you looking to have a new module created for thirty bees shop? We can do that easily. We maintained the core modules for thirty bees and wrote numerous ones from scratch for the official thirty bees package. We are experts in writing modules for thirty bees, whether they are shipping modules, payment modules, or front end modules; we know thirty bees inside and out.

API Connections and Automation

Maybe you are looking to connect an external API to thirty bees, we can handle that as well. We have connected numerous services to thirty bees web service, allowing it to communicate with external services. We have created automate systems that allows orders to be submitted to suppliers, automated import systems, and automated order handling systems for thirty bees. What ever your needs are, we can handle them. Get in touch with our team today for a quote!

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