Is your thirty bees store running slow? We can super charge your shop and make it as fast as possible. We are experts in optimizing thirty bees web stores. You might not be aware of it, but a slow site will actually cost you sales and hurt your ranking in search engines. With our website optimization service we will get your site running at peak performance in just a couple of days. Some of the things we do are

  • Reduce http requests
  • Minify and combine javascript and CSS files
  • Reduce image sizes
  • Optimize your database for speed
  • Optimize the server for speed
  • Module optimization
  • Install a caching module (if needed)

Most of our clients see their page load cut in half!

Benefits of thirty bees Speed Optimization

Speed optimization has numerous benefits Amazon even spent a couple million dollars on a study to see what benefits speed optimization would give their site. They found that having a faster site increase their conversion rate considerably. There are numerous benefits to speed optimization such as:

  • Increased Search Engine Ranking
  • Reduced Bounce Rate
  • Increased Conversations
  • Increased Sales
  • User Satisfaction
  • Higher Order Amounts

thirty bees Speed Optimization

thirty bees Speed Optimization Packages

We offer two different types of thirty bees Speed Optimizations and also a site speed diagnosis if you have your own internal development team that will carry out the work. The diagnosis will give your developers a detailed list of issues and recommendations on how to fix them. Our site optimization optimizes all aspects of your website, including images, code, and 3rd party scripts; if possible. We also offer a site and server speed optimization where we optimize the underlying server to be as fast as possible as well. This package is recommended for people that have root access to their server, where we can change the software, update it, and optimize the core software of the server.

thirty bees Diagnosis


Our Diagnosis is a full site analysis and optimization path your developers can follow.

Get Optimized

thirty bees Site Optimization


We will optimize all aspects of your website for speed that can be optimized. This can include image optimization, code optimizations, script optimizations, and module optimizations. The process in which we optimize your PrestaShop site's speed is very thorough and takes a few days or up to a weeks worth of testing once we start.

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thirty bees Site and Server Optimization


The site and server package includes everything from the site optimization, but also optimizes your server for speed as well. We check that php is set up correctly to produce the best speed results, your database server, and all other server settings. This package is only for clients that have root access to their servers, we will need it to change server settings.

Get Optimized

Speed Optimization Frequently Asked Questions

No, the the site optimizations are a one time service.
Unfortunately not. Every site is different, and presents different issues. Some things that will affect your score are the number of tracking scripts you use, the theme, the different modules you use on your site. Because there are so many variables, we cannot guarantee a score. What we can do is optimize your site as best as possible while keeping it 100% functional.
We can optimize the speed of your site specifically for Google Page Speed, site load time, or a combination of both. The combination is what we generally recommend optimizing for. But since Google Page Speed is a ranking factor, some clients want their site optimized for the best possible Google Page Speed score, which we can accommodate.
Unfortunately no. Our website Speed Optimization packages are a scheduled service. We start on them as soon as possible on our end. If you are under a time restraint, it is best to contact our team first and let us know. We can let you know if we can meet your deadline.