Is your thirty bees store running slow? We can super charge your shop and make it as fast as possible. We are experts in optimizing thirty bees web stores. You might not be aware of it, but a slow site will actually cost you sales and hurt your ranking in search engines. With our website optimization service we will get your site running at peak performance in just a couple of days. Some of the things we do are

  • Reduce http requests
  • Minify and combine javascript and CSS files
  • Reduce image sizes
  • Optimize your database for speed
  • Optimize the server for speed
  • Module optimization
  • Install a caching module (if needed)

Most of our clients see their page load cut in half!

Benefits of thirty bees Speed Optimization

Speed optimization has numerous benefits Amazon even spent a couple million dollars on a study to see what benefits speed optimization would give their site. They found that having a faster site increase their conversion rate considerably. There are numerous benefits to speed optimization such as:

  • Increased Search Engine Ranking
  • Reduced Bounce Rate
  • Increased Conversations
  • Increased Sales
  • User Satisfaction
  • Higher Order Amounts